Positive steps for a strong outcome.

Aruba was an early adopter of the various new techniques required for successful horizontal drilling. We regularly employ the processes and techniques chosen to increase efficiency and minimize our impact on the environment.

A Site to Behold
We know that each property is different. We aim to reduce the number and size of our drill sites as much as possible in order to minimize our impact on our landowners. We try to perform a simo-frac (where we run two sets of fracking equipment simultaneously) when we can so that we're in and out, finished in record time. However, sometimes our sites are just too small and we prefer to use a zipper frac (where we use one set of equipment between two wells). We always look for ways to stay efficient without sacrificing quality.

Different Fracs for Different Wells
We know that every well is different and that every environment offers its own unique makeup and unique challenges. We aim to tailor each of our frac jobs to best suit our target formation in order to cut down on waste and to conserve water. By changing the amounts and types of frac sands we can minimize water usage and maximize well output.

Good Sense of Direction
The key to a successful horizontal well is knowing where you are, where you're going and how far you've gone at all times. Good directional people and good mud loggers help us track where we are so that when we drill, we drill right. By knowing where we are and how our drilling is going, we know we'll always be on target. This also allows us to cut down on wasted time and effort.



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